Department of Anatomy

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The Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University was established in 1968 by Dr. Chakara Pichaironnarong-Songkram, the first dean of our faculty. We are mainly responsible in teaching bachelor degreed students in Veterinary Medicine and graduated students in Veterinary Anatomical Science and other related programs. We also produce academic researches focused in anatomical science and molecular biology, and facilitate faculty members and students for laboratory services.

We have Veterinary Anatomy Museum located at the ground floor hall of anatomy laboratory building, aimed to educate anatomical knowledge for students and all visitors. Moreover, the Para-rubber Model Project and Histological Permanent Slide Production are our academic services that serve academic institutes for their education and research development.

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Veterinary Public Health

Department of Veterinary Public Health. To produce veterinary graduates and post graduate degrees. Accordance with the philosophy and mission. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University.

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The objective is to provide graduates with the knowledge and ability of the professional veterinary medicine quality universal. And morality. Ethical and consistent with the needs of society. It also aims to promote. The research. To create new knowledge, and service to the society and continuous quality. And the preservation of arts and culture of Thailand.[More Information]


Department of Physiology

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Department of Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, composes of three majors including Physiology, Biochemistry and Nutrition.

Our academic mission encompasses two areas.
- Teaching of the basic science curriculum to veterinary medicine students.
- Educating graduate students. The program offers Masters of Science Degree (M.Sc.)
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Department of Pharmacology

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Department of Pharmacology was located on the 3rd  floor of the Chakpichaironarongsongkram Building.  The department office has later been moved to the 5th floor of the Learning and Laboratory Building in 1995 until present.  The department is responsible for curriculums of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) and Master of Science (M.S.) in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.  The major research purpose is to develop efficient procedures in enhancement of animal management, treatment and food safety.  We have involved in promoting the qualified veterinarians under the motto: “Innovations in the development of knowledge and technology for professional veterinarian”.[More Information ]



Department of Pathology

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The department of Pathology has its origin in the faculty of Veterinary Medicine since 1954, as officially announced in the Kasetsart University's act of Parliament, dated December 20, B.E. 2497 (1954) and in the Royal Thai Government’s Royal Gazette, dated December 28, B.E. 2497 (1954). In the time of establishment, the pathology department was divided into 3 divisions including pathology, parasitology and microbiology. Later, the there divisions were separated into the department of parasitology, immunology microbiology and pathology, respectively, as present in the Royal Thai Government’s Royal Gazette, dated February 6, B.E. 2539 (1996).

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