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ASEAN Veterinary Volunteer Project (AVVP Project)
ASEAN has been found since 1967 with the beginning of 6 members including Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore and Thailand and later on added with another 4 members of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam. In year 2003 ,ASEAN agreed to set the direction to become ASEAN Economic Community: AEC) within 2015 under the 3 supportive pillars which compose of ASEAN Security Community, ASEAN Social-Cultural Community and ASEAN Economic Community. Thailand and others countries may encounter both crises and opportunities when the ASEAN Economic Community is implemented in a few year. There will be movement of labors, education sector must be adapted to be survive, freedom in education, Students movement among AEC countries, International Quality Assurance in Educational sectors, Joints degree and so forth. Entrepreneurs and educational sectors should work together to revamp curricula. The curricula revamp should encourage students to think analytically and be able to solve problems so they are able to handle problems when growing up as well as understand the ways of life and cultures of other ASEAN countries and challenging them not only in ASEAN country but in the World market.