Veterinary Graduate

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General information

Admission are primary administered through the Graduate School, Kasetsart University. Non-native students can apply all year round, but note that the application should be submitted to the Graduate School, Kasetsart University by March 31st for enrollment in the first semester and by August 31st for the second timester. Only full time students are accepted; the usual study hours are Monday to Friday, 08.30 am – 04.30 pm. Please see individual programs of interest for admission requirement.

Selection procedure

Acceptance of a student is determined by individual Program Committee and the Graduate School, Kasetart University. Applicants must submit required documents, either on-line or by mail (, which will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Additional processes may be required, such as written examination or interviewing, depending on individual programs. If necessary, individual program may require an applicant to take some pre-requisite courses before enrollment.

Where to start

Non-native applicants should first contact individual programs for admission requirement, availability, research possibility, timing, and other details. Then filled application form and required document should be submitted to the Graduate School, Kasetsart at Applicants’ status is posted on the aboce website.