Veterinary Student Alumni

The association is accredited domestically and internationally. It is the center that coordinates with alumni and current students studying in the Faculty of Veterinary Science in private and public universities including other professional organizations in this related field.

Kasetsart University Veterinary Alumni Association (KUVA)

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1.To coordinate with and disseminate activities of the alumni and current students in the Faculty of Veterinary Science in university and other professional associations related with this field.
2.To guide communities about the role of veterinarions
3.To create network and allies and lead this veterinary associations to a broader context
4.To back up unity among members and other professionals in veterinary fields
5.To maintain dignity and code of ethics of veterinarians.


Kasetsart University Veterinary Alumni Association was established in 2001.Dr.PrayoonLiumsiricharoen wasappointed the first president.Other successors included;
President of the first term(2001-2003) was Dr.PrayoonLiumsiricharoen, D.V.M.(Vet. 32)
President of the second term(2003-2005) was Dr.Sumeth Sapchukun, D.V.M.(Vet.37)
President of the third term(2005-2007) was Dr.Kasinee Kraikrutree. D.V.M.(Vet.34)
President of the fourth term(2007-2009)was Dr.Nopporn Vayuchote, D.V.M.(Vet. 35)
President of the fifth term(2009-2011)was Dr.Sakchai Sriboonsue, D.V.M.(Vet. 38)
President of the sixth term(2011-2013)was Dr.Tanin Sheewapalaboon, D.V.M.(Vet. 48)
President of the seventh term(2013-2015)was Dr.Jumrueang Panpiansil, D.V.M.(Vet. 41)