Bio-Veterinary Science (Ph.D.)

International Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program in Bio-Veterinary Science Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine currently establishes International PhD Program in Bio-Veterinary Science, which is going to accept the first batch of students in 2011. Briefly, the program has 2 tracks, Track 1.1 (research track) and Track 2.1 (combined coursework and research track), and all courses will be instructed in English. The programs accept 20 students per batch (expecting 10 foreign students from South East Asian countries). The Faculty is seeking cooperating partner institutions to organize the PhD program. The possible collaboration will be in research or coursework activities or both.


PhD track 1.1 and track 2.1, students will register 48 credits in total. However, for track 1.1, students require to take 7 extra credits as mentioned. 1 credit equals to 16 hours per semester. One semester lasts 16 weeks. That means, 1 credit is 1 hour per week. For PhD seminar, the student could only register 1 credit per semester. Therefore, students have to register PhD seminar in total of 4 semesters. For students who register for Selected Topics in Bio-Veterinary Science or Special Problems, students can register 1 to 3 credits depending on Advisors.

Requirement to confer the Degree of PhD (Bio-Veterinary Science) from Kasetsart University
Students must pass all courses (minimum grade of ‘C’ and the Grade Point Average (GPA) must be equal to or greater than 3.00.Students must pass English Proficiency Test organized by The Graduate School of Kasetsart University (TOEFL = 500 or IELTS = 5.0 can also be used). After passing the paper examination of English Proficiency Test (score ≥ 60%), students must have oral examination with the English-speaking teacher. Students have to pass both paper and oral examinations.For PhD track 1.1, students require to have a qualifying PhD examination after finishing 2 semesters (1st year). Examination could be either paper or oral or both examinations.