Bio-Veterinary Sciences

This program used to be developed a specific binational curriculum validated by a double degree separately deliverd in France and in Thailand. In close partnership with CIRAD and Institut Pasteur, UM2 and KU have created a 2 year Master program entitled “Infectious Diseases and Food Safety Evolution, Emergence, Spread and Control” in France and “Bio-Veterinary Sciences” in Thailand.

Bio-Veterinary Sciences (Binational Thai-French Joint Master Program)

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Research projects
Two kinds of research project will be required. A first kind of project will be a 5-month laboratory research project conducted in a validated host laboratory. A thesis will be presented at the end of the 5-month period and a defense will be held. The objective of this project is to train the students in actual laboratory research and give them bench-top experience. The second kind of research project required is a bibliographic project conceptualized and written by the student which on a topic totally unrelated to the student’s laboratory research project and the laboratory topics. This research project is aiming at training the student in personal development of research ideas and work hypothesis and on the design of research experiments and well dimensioned research proposal. The students will have to propose a topic, a research objective and a rationale relevant with the international context and current background in the topic, a work hypothesis, an experimental approach to answer the question and possibilities of evolution depending on the expected results. This project will be presented in a written form and will be defended along with the laboratory research project.

Purposes of this concept notes
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University (KU) is planning to call for any possibility with French school partners, to join and work out a new Binary degree curriculum in the fields of Veterinary Profession. Since the current MOU is going to be lasting in April 31st, 2011. The information above is our current curriculum we have, however, the subjects and program management can be tailor made to meet all the partners requirement to create a high potential curriculum for students in southeast Asia region, Thai and possibly in European Union since our faculty members has high potential in various researches fields and here is good sources for student research life and field approaches.