Blood Bank

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In human, it is well known that blood transfusion is one of essential parts in several emergency procedures which can enhance survival rate of the patients. Likewise, pets need blood transfusion for the same reasons as human do especially when they suffer from surgery-induced blood loss, haemorrhagic injury, poisoning and some disease conditions. Under these circumstances, blood transfusion can make all differences.

Kasetsart pet blood bank, the first blood bank for pets in Thailand as well as in the South East Asia, was established at Kasetsart University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in 2000. Our pet blood bank has three major commitments,  the first is to collect blood from healthy donors and separate  it into all components, secondly, to keep blood components in a good quality, and lastly, to supply these blood products to the patients in the life-saving situation.

Blood components and their advantages

1. Red blood cell component (Fresh whole blood and Stored whole blood) is always used for replacement therapy in patients with anaemia.
2. Platelets-rich component (Platelet-rich plasma and Platelets concentreate) is used for platelet replacement.
3. Plasma fraction (Fresh frozen plasma, Frozen plasma and Cryoprecipitate AHF) is primarily used for supply essential protein components that are diminished form blood circulation.