Veterinary Continuing Education Center in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Kasetsart University

The Veterinary Continuing Education Center in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Kasetsart University was established to serve as a central coordination unit responsible for collaboration between Study Department, Academic Service Department, Veterinary Academics in various fields, both within the country and abroad, to provide continuing education for veterinarians and other related personnel, for instance veterinary technicians, scientist, veterinary assistant, etc., to allow veterinarians and workers in related fields to increase their knowledge, to keep up with the academic changes, while correspondingly exchanging knowledge with each other, resulting in the development of the profession as a whole. The Center organizes educational programs, seminars, workshops, both in theory and practice, to provide service for those interested in educational services, as well as to coordinate various matters between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Kasetsart University with the Veterinary Continuing Education Center of the Veterinary Council and other institutions to facilitate and maximize the benefits for the trainees.

Flexible educational programs are suitable for students who also works regularly by choosing a distance education program or participate the classes at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Kasetsart University on every campus, with the availability of tools and the convenience of the place. The education programs are diverse in various fields, in all kinds of animals, providing knowledge by speakers with experience in the field for the students to gain knowledge and which can actually be applied to their work.

1. Surgical training

2. Training in anesthesia and radiological diagnosis

3. Dental diseases

4. Gastrointestinal diseases and Laparoscopes




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