The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Kasetsart University emphasizes the creation of veterinary graduates in accordance with the philosophy and the aspiration of Kasetsart University with the objective of procurement of graduates with knowledge and Veterinary Medicine International quality, as well as morality and ethics

        And in accordance with the social needs. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Kasetsart University  furthermore aims to promote the researches to continuously create new knowledge and provide academic services to the society with quality, as well as preserving the great arts and culture of Thailand, with the intention of preparing the veterinarians for the work in the field of professional services for the people and the awareness of the role of global citizenship, which is considered a desirable graduate attribute of graduate users, both at national and international levels.

       The Student Affairs Department is organized as a department of the Faculty, involved in joint development of students to veterinarian’s graduate mentioned above. The guidelines for student development under the vision is: "Determined to develop students to create veterinarian’s graduates with the readiness to work at the national and international level ", leading to the 3 main missions: 1. Enhance the academic and professional skills in veterinary medicine to the role of veterinarians of the people, 2. Strengthening the life skills to live in the role of global citizens and 3. Strengthen the immunity of the mind and improve the quality of life with guidelines for the development of students. With the aim of achieving the results and expected results according to the faculty's aspirations and the needs of graduate users as in the following table :

Table of guidelines for student development of The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Kasetsart University | Click Here