Name of Curriculum

Master of Science (Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences)


General information

The curriculum provides graduate studies in all classes of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and  with teachers from all departments participate in the curriculum management, hence a comprehensive scope of subjects that will be studied extensively and support the direction of rapid change in the social context, for instance the molecular biology, genetic, Molecular Epidemiology and molecular connections and link of basic knowledge with biomedical science, resulting in new knowledge and new innovations in the control, prevention and treatment of diseases in humans and animals.


Qualifications of Applicants

  • Bachelor's degree graduate or equivalent in science or related field.
  • In compliance with the regulations of Kasetsart University on graduate studies of the Graduate School Kasetsart University.


Structure of the Curriculum


Plan A 1

Category A 2

Category B

1) Major

No less than 5 credits
(uncountable units)

No less than 24 credits

No less than 30 credits

    - Seminar

   2 credits(uncountable units)

2 credits

2 credits

    - Required major

 3 credits (uncountable units)

6 credits

6 credits

    - elective major


No less than 16 credits

No less than 22 credits

2) Independent research



6 credits

3) Thesis

No less than 36 credits

No less than 12 credits


Total credits

No less than 36 credits

No less than 36 credits

No less than 36 credits



Sample courses in the curriculum

  • Advanced animal cell biochemistry
  • Biostatistics in Animal Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences
  • Anatomical matters in Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences
  • Cell and molecular biology in animal health and biomedical sciences
  • Molecular and Cell Immunology
  • Emerging bacterial infections and current situations
  • Cell and molecular pathology
  • Biotechnology in Animal Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences


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