Philosophy, ambition, purpose

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Kasetsart University emphasizes the creation of veterinary graduates in accordance with the philosophy and the ambition of Kasetsart University with the purpose of gaining knowledge graduates in the Veterinary Medicine with international excellence, as well as morals, ethics and in line with the requirements of the society. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine moreover aims to promote the researches to create new knowledge and continuously provide academic services to the society with quality, together with preserving the Thai arts and culture.


As an International Veterinary Institute, we exist for the better of human and animal wellness, and environmemtal health


We develop veterinary science human resource, and consistently create knowledge, veterinary technology, and innovations for human and animal wellness and environmental health including food safety, while leading diagnosis and advanced animal care, based on international standards ,and our values of ethics and professionalism.

Obligations and Responsibilities

1. To produce knowledgeable veterinary graduates with the abilities according to the needs of the society to support the local and national economic growth and animal raising industries.
2. To conduct research and development by joining forces with various institutions, both domestically and internationally, in veterinary research to develop and resolve the country's difficulties in livestock, pet and aquatic animals as well as consumer safety of animal products.
3. Social service is considered as an important effort which is beneficial to the society. The service is provided in all 3 animal hospitals, offsite service, and academic development projects.
4. To preserve the art and culture by instilling in all students and personnel the awareness and arranging activities related to the preservation of arts and culture in order to preserve decent Thai arts and culture.